Laetus Dendy MCO d 22 01 63



 I*m Happy of CaDazz, SK MCO n 22 03 

Ch.Bloomingtree Status Quo MCO ns 25

Ch.Stoerkanals Ramazotti   MCO as

CH.Bloomingtree Moning Star  MCO ns 25

Ch.Extra Beauty of CaDazz, SK  MCO g 02

Gr.I.Ch.Pillowtals*s King Creole  MCO as 03

I.Ch.Usambara of Baydar  MCO g 02


MCO d 22 03

 Ch.Garfield  TRI-D  MCO d 22

I.Ch.Top Coon Xanthos  MCO n

Caressa Diana  MCO d 23

 Respectcoon Olimpic Gold  MCO d 22 03

ABS Ch.Langstteich*s S*Rapid  MCO e

Langstteich*s Sweet Kismet  MCO f 22 03


Veyron Olimpia MCO f



Pillowtalk's O'Cean Cool, MCO a  


CoolMotion's Beach Boy, MCO d

Pillowtalk's Enjoy Radio, MCO n 22

Tessy vom Stolzensee, MCO f

CoolMotion's Blue Lagoon, MCO a

Pillowtalk's Gambler, MCO n

CoolMotion's Nokia, MCO g 09 22


Urmika Avia Perla Annaru, MCO d 22


Störkanal's W' Vestar Yash, MCO d  

Big-Hannibal Damien, MCO n 09 22

Störkanal's Ornella, MCO a 22

Xtra Sanjita of Baydar, MCO f 22 

Pillowtalk's Laser, MCO d 09

Treasure Island Dancing Mathilda, MCO f 09 22