Father: ICh Top Coon Xanthos MCO n(black), Mother: Caressa Diena MCO d 23(red mackerel)

Grandparents Great-grandparents Great-great-grandparents

Big Giants Resort*s Scooler


MCO n 22 (black blotched)

CH BRubbey*s Dooley


MCO d 22 (red blotched)

Rasputin of Yellow Moon

 MCO es 22 (cream silver blotched)

CH CoonEmotions Felidae

       MCO f (tortie)

Big Giants Resort*s Tinkerbell


 MCO f 22 03 (tortie blotched      with whait)

GECh Big Giants Deep Purple

  MCO a (blue)

A Winerau*s Shakira

 MCO f 22 03 (tortie blotched white)

Top Coon Holly


 MCO n 22 03 (Black blotched with white)

Top Coon Usee JW


MCO ns 23 (silver mackerel)

ICh Ares Querer *PL

     MCO d 23 (red mackerel)

Fergie Cat Cabaret*PL

   MCO fs 22 (tortie silver blotched)

Raydusoleil Fifi Fay


MCO f 22 03 (tortie blotched with white)

QGC (TICA) Top Coon Fiji of Raydusoleil


Velvet Jewels Kaya of Raydusoleil


GIChGalions Cats Furio*N


MCO d 24 (red spotted)

GICh Big Kitty Ronny*en*N


MCO n 24 (black spotted)

ICh Big Kitty Ladie*s Black Jack*N

    MCO n (black)

Langstteich*s Jade

 MCO n 24 (black spotted)

Big Kitty Wild Rose*N


MCO f (tortie)

ICh Sebasko*s J.C. Fogerty*DK

(N) NRR LO 147129   MCO e 22 (cream blotched)

Ch Lindevoll*s*S Yana

    MCO n 23 (black mackerel)

ICh Felix Coon Orchidea


MCO d 22 (red blotched)

Suryamainecoon Natan Never, JW


MCO ds 22 (red silver blotched)

JW DSM ECh Csak*s Coon Timo

   MCO n (black)

Afrodyta Tiili*PL

   MCO ds 22 (red silver blotched)

Felix Coon Merilyn Monroe


MCO d 22 (red blotched)

Csak*s Coon Vili

LOI 81150    MCO d 22 (red blotched)

ICh Maine Carissima Persicum JW

   MCO f 22 09 (tortie blotched / white)